Why sell at a higher price?

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Business As a company specializing in income-producing properties, all of our employees have expertise in income-producing properties, and we hold close discussions with financial institutions at each of our branches. We have a wide range of knowledge and are involved in diverse businesses such as apartment rental introductions, land sales and brokerage, home remodeling, storefront guidance, new home guidance, and introductions to single-family apartments.
Client More than 1,500 wealthy people, including doctors, executives and managers of listed companies, and landlords, are registered members, and since we have a detailed understanding of their annual income, financial assets, desired purchase area, purchase conditions, etc., when a property for sale occurs, we can quickly find the desired purchase customer and conduct the transaction without being known to the surrounding community. Since we do not specialize in revenue registers, we look for buyers after receiving a request for sale.
In order to advertise on Raines, etc. to search for purchase customers, the fact that a property has gone on the market is widely known to various people, and an unscrupulous rumor may occur.
Prospective buyers are wealthy individuals with good attributes who have registered their annual income, financial assets, and other details, and have already had some preliminary discussions with banks about financing, so financing approval is quick. It is difficult to gather purchase applicants with good attributes such as high annual income and financial assets from scratch, and negotiations with banks take time, so information is often passed on to real estate buyers in the end.
Properties with a value of 500 million yen or more will be sold to domestic and foreign real estate funds, overseas investors (Taiwan), and companies wishing to purchase real estate with ample retained earnings. Because they are sold in batches of 5 to 10 billion yen, they can be sold at higher prices than usual. Due to lack of expertise, even if they have sales ability, they are too busy with other business to specialize in high-value property sales.
Sale price Since we are an intermediary, not a buyer, we will make an effort to sell the property as high as possible in order to obtain a high intermediary fee. Because there are no immediate customers to buy, there are many sales between vendors. The sale price may be lower because the vendor purchases the property once.
Sales Materials When selling a property, we will prepare sales drawings, income rent rolls, expenditure statements, income and expenditure tables, real estate management simulations, income and expenditure improvement plans, results of interviews and surveys with local real estate companies, and documents related to the property's features as documentation. In many cases, only sales drawings are available.

Provisional assessmentWe will provide you with a tentative offer in advance.

By asking the owner for the amount of annual income (assuming full occupancy), we will provide you with a (tentative) assessed value when you do not see the property.
If this amount meets your requirements, we will interview the owner and conduct a property survey.

Annual rental income(Assuming full occupancy)

・Solar equipment

(Tentative) Annual income: 10 million yen


・Property tax
・Administrative expenses
・Condo fees
・Cleaning fee

(Tentative) Annual expenditure 1,000,000 yen

On-the-spot investigation
We will conduct an on-site survey of the current condition of the property you wish to sell.

  • Confirm the location conditions
  • Verify the current state and management of the building
  • Check the utilities (water supply, sewerage, and gas)
  • Confirm the boundaries of the adjacent properties
  • Check the market rent for the property
  • Investigate the municipality's strategies for attracting businesses and increasing population, where the property is located
  • Research the unique characteristics of the area

We will meet with the seller directly and present a formal appraisal value.

  • Verify property details and income and expenses
  • Consultation on taxes at the time of sale
  • Confirmation of building repair history, etc.
  • Confirmation regarding sales activities (e.g., brokerage fees)
  • We will determine the price based on the income method.

Final assessment

Sales activities

We offer free assessments
Please feel free to contact us.



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    Privacy Policy

    F.R.S Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "our company") recognizes the importance of personal information of our customers and to provide safe, secure, and reliable services, has established the following policy, which is thoroughly disseminated and complied with by all employees.

    Basic Policy

    Our company complies with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and norms. We continuously review and strive for further improvement and enhancement of personal information protection.

    Our company establishes a management system for the protection of personal information and ensures that our policies are well known to our officers and employees, and strives for their thorough compliance.

    Handling of Personal Information

    1. 1. Acquisition, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

    2. We handle personal information within the scope of the purposes clearly communicated to the customers. Furthermore, we do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the customer or a valid reason.

    3. We strive to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date and to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, or damage to personal information, continuously improving and correcting information security.

    4. We respond sincerely and promptly to inquiries and requests for disclosure regarding personal information from customers.

  • 2. Purpose of Using Personal Information

    Personal information of our customers will be used for the following purposes:

  • Real estate sales and rentals, agency/brokerage, management, and related businesses

  • Marketing activities through mail, email, telephone, etc., related to the above purposes

  • Responses to inquiries and consultations

  • Sending information on services, events, etc.

  • Service development and conducting surveys

  • Research, statistics, and analysis of marketing data

  • Maintenance of systems, response to malfunctions

  • Marketing activities through mail, email, telephone, etc., for the purposes mentioned above and, where necessary, provision of personal information to third parties within the scope necessary to achieve these purposes

  • 3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

  • Personal information may be provided to third parties in writing, by mail, phone, internet, email, information systems, advertisements, etc., within the scope necessary for achieving the above purposes, except where required by law. Upon request by the individual, the provision to the third party can be halted.

  • Possible recipients of personal information (examples)
    Parties involved in real estate transactions, prospective buyers, other real estate agents, internet advertising publishers, real estate industry organizations, and designated distribution mechanisms (for property registration, notification of completion of transactions, and use of mechanism data for sales, appraisals, etc.), financial institutions related to real estate transactions, judicial scriveners, land and house surveyors, real estate management companies, renovation contractors, moving services, etc.

  • Items of personal information provided
    Name, address, telephone number, property information, transaction completion information, etc., within the scope necessary for the above purposes

  • 4. Inquiries Regarding Personal InformationIf you wish to request disclosure, correction, deletion of your personal information, or to stop

  • Corona Support

    For elderly individuals and those with underlying health conditions who prefer not to have face-to-face meetings, we offer support via postal mail, email, telephone, and online platforms such as Zoom.
    If you would like us to inspect the property, please provide us with the keys and we will be happy to check the property, including an inspection of the rooftop.


    Can I just ask for the appraisal value?

    It is possible to just ask for it. I think it is only natural that you would like to know the value of the property you currently own. There is no charge for the appraisal.

    There is no vacancy in my property, can I sell at a higher price?

    You can rest assured that we will research the current condition of the property and conduct our sales activities under the assumption that the property is no vacancy.
    However, if the property is mostly vacant, we will need to secure some tenants.

    What kind of people are those buyers of the investment properties?

    We have many doctor clients registered as our members since we have a associated company that deals with medical software.
    We also have a lot of members such as company executives, executives of major listed companies, landlords, and people from overseas (Taiwan) etc,.
    We provide the information for properties to these members and close contracts.

    Can you appraise the property without seeing it?

    In that case, we can tell you a tentative appraisal value on the phone after we ask you about the annual rental income.
    We then conduct a field survey, meet the owner in person ,and determine the selling price.

    How dou you appraise the properties?

    We are currently informing you of the sale price, including the income method and the cost-plus method. (However, the price may vary slightly depending on the financial institution and the client’s demographics.) Since we use the income method, we can give you an appraisal value within an hour if you provide us with information such as rent, common expenses, parking fees, solar power, telegraph poles, signboards, vending machines, cellular phone antenna fees, etc. in advance.

    I would like to sell my property in confidential.

    We will provide you with the information about the selling process directly.
    We do not publish it in REINS or real estate magazines etc,.

    How long does it take from the time of submitting a request to sell to the time of contracting and settlement?

    The seller and us exchange a mediation agreement when we receive a requestfor the sale. Basically, we conduct the sales so that we finish a contract and settlement within three months which is the effective period of a mediation contract. Therefore, at the time of an appraisal, we quote the price that can be sold in three months. However, there is an exception because there is a case in which it is better to take more than three months to sell depending on the season and timing.

    I am currently selling my property to the other company.

    We can help you to sell it unless the type of agreements is exclusive brokerage service agreement.

    I have not paid off a loan valance yet.

    Most of our members have not paid off bank loans yet.
    There is no problem since the owner’s remaining balance will be repaid in a lump at the time of selling.

    What is the amount of money that will remain in taxable hands if the property is sold?

    Please tell us the brokerage fee and the land price (the price you purchased) as the expenses of the sale in the selling price.
    If you inherited the land, please tell us the depreciated balance of the building as of last December as a building, and the value of the building depreciated during the last year as well.
    In addition, if you tell us the remaining loan balance, we will tell you the taxes and the amount of money you will have left.

    I am thinking of consulting about inheritance.

    We will advise you about it based on your precise needs and wants.